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How to Prepare for CAT Exam – 2020

how to prepare for cat

Every year lakhs of commerce students graduated from the Universities. After completed graduation, everybody wants to learn MBA (Master in Busines Administration). MBA course is provided by so many colleges but the value of IIM is super high. Every student has a dream to study in IIM. In this article, we are sharing some tips & tricks about How to Prepare for the CAT exam. We think it will make your preparation a little bit easy.

So Let’s discuss about How to prepare for cat

First of All we discuss about CAT

CAT means Common Admission Test. It was a computer-based exam. Every year lakhs of students participated in this exam. This exam was conducted by IIM. Students are studies business management through CAT. There are no age limit for this course.

What is IIM

IIM stands for Indian Institute for Management. IIM conduct a exam for studies business management is known as CAT.

Tips – 1- How to Prepare for CAT

Those candidates who want to success in CAT exam have to join a coaching institute. The coaching institute will also provide them all the CAT study material and mock test series, while guiding them through tricky topics and questions. However, they will be required to attend classes of 6-8 hour daily.

Tips – 2- How to Prepare for CAT

Those candidates who cannot attend coaching class, they should be prepare CAT exam themselves at home easily. Yes, So many toppers are there in India who get a good rank in CAT exam by study at home by themselves.

But wait, You should note this point below start the topic about how to prepare for cat.

  • Join Online classes through Youtube, Quora, and Facebook.
  • Download a CAT preparation Apps from the Play store. It will help to learn better and get a solution to your problem.
  • Buy the best book for how to prepare for cat.
  • Make CAT preparation plan or time table.

How to Prepare for verbal ability and reading comprehension for CAT VARC-

The Topic How to prepare for CAT we discuss VARC section: VARC-Normal has three section like: vocabulary grammar and reading comprehension

Vocabulary Section: It Includes include synonyms, antonyms, analogies, spellings, odd words, words often confused, sentence completion and cloze tests. To be a ranker for this exam you have to improve your reading skills. It should be 300 hundred word in one minute.

Grammar Section: Improve your grammar thorough practicing of question paper. A lot of practice may be required in this section to be perfect. Remember, Practice Makes a man perfect.

Reading Comprehension Section: Start with simple fiction, newspapers and blogs. Give more focus to those topic which will be likely difficult to you and increase your reading capability.

Please watch the video guide about How to prepare for cat -VARC

How to prepare for CAT – logical reasoning for cat

What is Logical Reasoning for CAT?

There are 3 PARTS in CAT and Logical Reasoning can be interesting for some and can be very difficult for some. Logical Reasoning questions are very interesting if you have understood its concept and tricks to solve it.

These topics you must cover in CAT for Logical Reasoning section –

  • Binary Logic
  • Calendars and Clocks
  • Circular and Linear Arrangement
  • Cubes
  • Distributions
  • Input – Output
  • Selection
  • Syllogism
  • Venn Diagrams

These points must be done before start How to prepare for cat Exam

  • Do not write any answer with your assumption.
  • Read everything very carefully and write the right answer.
  • Give more attention to these keywords like: “all”, “some”, “none”, “at least”, “at most”, “only”, “if and only if” etc.
  • Make a Wise caselet / question selection.
  • Write down the all given information in this section.

Book Recommendation:

  • How to Prepare for Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension for the CAT Common Admission by Arun Sharma Publisher: TMH
  • The Pearson Guide To Verbal Ability And Logical Reasoning For The CAT by Nishit K. Sinha Publisher:

Must Read: How To Prepare For Logical Reasoning For CAT – 6 Months Strategies

Know More about the Book Recommendation

A Video Guide for How to prepare for cat for Logical Reasoning

How to Prepare for CAT – Time Management

Time management is everything in CAT exam. Logical Reasoning is a section which you may correct the all answer or not a single one. So do not waste time in single caselet, if you don’t know the answer the go for another one.

How to prepare for Data Interpretation for CAT

If you want to get a high score then you must be familiar with LRDI. Previously we discussed about the Logical Reasoning and now we are going to discuss about the Data Interpretation section.

Tips for How to prepare for data interpretation for cat

Below are the topic you have to focus more while prepare for data interpretation for cat.

  • Caselets 1: Application of Mixture-Allegation
  • Caselets 2: Completion of one task before another.
  • Caselets 3: Logic Based Data Interpretation
  • Bar charts
  • Line charts
  • Bubble charts
  • Games & Tournaments
  • Pie-Charts
  • Pyramid Charts
  • Tables
  • Networks

This section is a calculation intensive section. Because it includes lot of charts, graphs and table from which the candidates are analyse and choose the answer.

The examiner gives you a lot of contents for confusing the students. Most of these contents are not actual relevant to the topic. Try to focus on these sections.

Candidates needs to read the question very carefully. It gives the prediction knowledge about the answer from the data given in the question.

There is not any rule for candidates to attempt all the question in a set. So it is ok for candidate to selected some question and write there answer and move on to next section.

Click here to download How to prepare for data interpretation for cat by Arun Sharma pdf

A Video Guide for How to prepare for cat – DI-LR Section

How to prepare for quantitative aptitude for CAT:

Lets us discuss about the quantitative aptitude section, Below are the main points to be noted

Make Your Basic Strong Enough

When you build you basic very strong. Quantitative aptitude is very easy for you. it is very much like to learning to read. If you are having a problem with a question, continue to solve that until you succeed and after go for a new question.

Preparation Strategy

Make a systematic method while solving mathematical problems. Strat the practice as topic wise and then solve the sample paper.

Know your ability:

Figure out the topic on which you are very good. By you doing this you can know better what’s your weakness and lets focus on that topic maximum.

Know the Shortcut way

If you want to best in this field, try to find the shortcut way. Try in give them other angles too.

Practice and More Practice

Remember, Practice make a man perfect. Practice more and more for the formula section.

Read very carefully and Understand the Question

In an attempt to complete the paper within a stipulated time, many candidates hastily answer, without understanding the question. Even a slight misinterpretation of a question will lead to a wrong answer. Several times you can find the same question with the different twist. This question are mainly for confusing a candidate at the exam time.

A Video guide for How to prepare for cat – Quantitative Aptitude

Click here to download How to prepare quantitative aptitude for cat by Arun Sharma

Some question you may have in your mind about How to prepare for CAT

When the cat exam 2020 will be conducted

CAT 2020 is expected to be conducted on November 29 in over 150 cities across India.

Which IIM will conduct CAT exam 2020?

It is possibly the IIM Indore.

How many months is enough for preparation of cat exam.

If you serious about the cat exam and want to get a best score then working hard for each subject for 6 to 9 months.

Which section is most difficult in CAT Exam

Sometimes VARC turns out to be tricky or DILR has surprise questions. Overall, the difficulty level of the CAT exam is higher than any other MBA entrance exam.

Can I prepare CAT at home without coaching

Yes, Of course in the past many rankers who are study by themselves and get the best result. But make sure you have the best resource for the preparation.

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